The Spiritual Hamper

Going to Bali enlightened us, It changed our lives.

It gave us all we needed and more.

We saw life for what it is, it has no purpose, it wants nothing and will give nothing.

We saw life for what it is, you can have everything and want for nothing.

Your mindset distinguishes you.

With the correct surroundings manifestation can occur much faster.

Life is full of choices and consciousness allows us to make our decisions based our own life experiences, being conscious and being aware of life and our own reality, is key.

We as humans are capable of curing illness with a thought.

So too is true what you believe you will receive.

We learned to use meditation along with variant forces to help induce a more concentrated state.

Different items to use whilst meditating.

For us to be able to give people a sense of peace and calm in this turbulent world…..

….. me and my wife came up with an idea, and asked our selves a question….

“How can we give to others, what we believe was given to us, in a way to also, possibly, change their lives ?”

  And so the Spiritual Hamper Born.